JANA vlaciky

owner, makeup artist

Jana is a bright, bubbly highly energetic Australian, whose love and passion of the makeup industry is the reason that she opened Elijana Cosmetics in Athens, GA. In Australia she worked for one of Australia’s top Makeup Artists Melissa Dempster. Over the course of visiting her family here, Jana noticed a need for a Makeup store that offered a variety of services and products. The most important product that she wanted to offer was a custom designed foundation, so that women wouldn’t have to settle for a color not quite right. Then to have a beautiful studio that allows Brides in particular to feel special on a day full of stress. Her dream is for Elijana Cosmetics to become a destination in Athens, that is known all through out GA as the place to go for  your UGA wedding day makeup.




Anne zoe heiss

makeup artist

Anne Zoe has worked for both Estee Lauder and Clinique over the past 5 years and has been extensively trained by both companies, in makeup and skin care. She has also worked on appllying makeup for over the past 20 years or more, on various Ice Rink shows and also for the competitive International Ice Skater in Australia, as part of her job as an international ice dance coach. She loves the interaction with her clients and being able to help make their day special. Her love of teaching makes the makeup lessons that Elijana Cosmetics conducts one of her favorite things to do.